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Science Journal In-App Imagery


With the growing suite of new features and note types, Science Journal was faced with a challenge. The in-app UI and imagery need a refreshment and unification. As an endorsed group, how could Science Journal establish it own unique identity while adopt new Google Material visual principle properly. Plus, since a big part of our users are MS students, how might we engage our users to explore our features by creating a more 'fun' visual language.


To help establish visual consistency across Science Journal, I created a brand style guide with the specs for color, typo, UI and imagery elements. This complete visual system differentiate Science Journal more from other Google products but keep the Google aesthetics in mind.


Visual design lead

Tech & Tool

Sketch, AI, Procreate

Colors & Patterns

Color Palette


Pattern Brief

Establish a texture library for SJ in-app illustrations and featured icons in order to add extra details and more unique identities to the product. The patterns should reflect the approachability of our product while keep the visual consistency. 

Patterns Copy.png

Featured Cards

Caption Image

Our previous note caption images was too limited and rigid, also lacked of personality. We need to create a more 'fun' visual asset for the note caption images instead of using a generic approach.

The final image assets are created for reflecting the note caption names' initials. This customized typography asset allows for flexibility and recognizable consistency.

Cation Typo.png

Card Usage Example

Card Usage.png

In-App Imagery

Character Design & Illustrations

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video ratio copy.png
video ratio copy 13.png
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OV1 Copy 2.png
OV1 Copy.png

In-App Icon Stickersheets

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Business Icon Stickersheets

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