Deborah is a start-up group that provide on-demand delivery service for their wide-range clients in urban area. One of the team's key on-demand solutions was requiring a monitoring platform for their fleet team manager. It aimed to enable their managers to follow the courier's journey from pick up to final drop off and get real-time updates of each courier's on-time conditions. The core users were the Deborah's fleet team managers who are managing their courier and mobility teams. I was working as the UX/Visual design lead at this group's early stage, responsible for creating the initial structure of the portal and establishing the V1 design system. The MVP were delivered by the end of 2017.


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Design Process
A Bit of Background

Deborah is a start up e-platform that provide on-demand pickup & delivery service within the urban area for their wide-range clients. It aimed to connect businesses across all industries and of all sizes to their high quality courier teams to offer customized delivery solutions to pleasure their end customers.

The Deborah courier fleet collect and drop any item directly from any spots in the city, including apartment, distribution center, drive-through or office on-demand, upon request. From pick-up to delivery, the whole process is completed by the one and only Deborah courier, no transfer and sorting process, the average delivery time within a city is less than 90 minutes. 

The courier team are the divided into different groups, each fleet group manager is responsible for monitoring, managing their team members and provide possible support to customer service department or to the clients directly. I'm tasked with creating the Back Office platform for the fleet managers to monitor and manager their groups.

Early Insights
Possibility & Boundary 

I talked to stakeholders at Deborah and their fleet team to learn about Deborah's business and product goals. These interviews helped me learn about previous research, determine scope for the project and to better understand the opportunity for the management platforms. It's also a process for me to learn about the feature possibilities and tech boundaries.

Conduct Interviews

I conducted several rounds of user interviews to gather more information from users and understand our users pain point better. Through the interviews, we'd like to determine what fleet managers value in their management experience. Also want to what information is more important to the managers and how they want to see the informations.

  • Couriers may have various conditions while they are on a delivery route

We learned about different couriers with different mobilities , focusing on the overall experience and possible problems on the deliver route. There are many unexpected issues would cause a delay or a reported issue. e.g., When the mobile devices are in low battery condition, the location tracking behavior might be extremely unstable, weathers, holidays may cost uncertain ETA...

  • Clients value efficiency, consistency, safety, and accuracy in their parcel's journey

Clients are expecting a on time, safe, high quality journey for their parcels. Most of the clients indicated that they understand the impact of objective factors on package delivery process but want the whole process to be stable, well-monitored and always maintain the journey's transparency.

  • Aversion to vague statement and explanation

When encountering problematic situations, clients are looking for reasonable explanations and effective solutions. "We don't know what happened" is a pale and helpless answer. A concrete, clear interpretation is always expected.

  • Managers need to get into the details 

Fleet managers need to know the problem and the details, reasons once a new issue is reported. A detailed statement may requested by the fleet managers, customer service department and sometimes clients directly.

  • Managing multiple platforms is a burden 

Managers need to check the journey, communicate with the couriers, ship/assign the problems to the customer service team...these have exaggerated onerous cross platform-actions. Managers prefer to have a place with better integration.

Design Goal
Defining Clear Objectives and Principles
Track the shipments at every stage
Higher priority for problematic delivery

The manager need to view the parcel's conditions through real-time tracking information. The design piece with live map view and tracking information should be instinctual. Each interaction step should come naturally, all real-time information should be presented with ultimate clarity, brevity, and simplicity.

Among the large amount of orders, the design should give a higher priority to those orders that has been reported with troubles or unexpected issues, to facilitate the manager's problem solving process. The design should be able to balance the intrusive and initiative.

Allow for flexible outreach
Data and trends

Managers need to check the journey, communicate with the couriers, ship/assign the problems to the customer service team. The design should make the outreach actions much effortless, plus, this part should also be simple, efficient and fast to understand and use.

Show data and trends clearly will help the manager understand the courier's behaviour and the team's overall capability. Using organized, visualized data to enable the manager to monitor the performance of the fleet members, mobilities.

Basic Info Architecture
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Possibilities Digging & Iterations
Structure Iterations & Wires
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Dashboard Hifi.png

I was also tasked to create a new brand identity for Deborah. I delivered a style guide book that following the principle of approachable, simplicity and flexibility.

The overall visual style conveys a deeper level of maturity and reliability, being approachable but not childish. Also it is flexible enough to be able to cohesive and consistent across the business pages and the user interface.

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