P-com classmate

(2 people group)


Physical computing, Programming



Me and my partner came out with the idea to build a spirograph drawing machine that controlled by P5.js sketch and driven by Arduino UNO. The basic idea is that there are 3 round discs, the speed of them will be varied by sliders on P5 sketch, and they can create graphic patterns by rotating in different speed.

Experience our online spirograph generating here:


Spirograph is an interactive installation which has a ball pen attached to two arms and  3 stepper motors. These 3 motors are controlled by potentiometers. They are spinning in different speed so that the ball pen can draw a random shape. The generated patterns which show the beauty of geometry can also constantly change by controlling the potentiometers.

This Machine is inspired by Jean Tinguely’s kinetic artwork. Drawing Machine is an artwork based on new technology and media compared with Tinguely’s pieces as well as to pay tributes to Tinguely’s drawing machine.

Mathematics & JS

Patterns generate from JS sketch.

We spend some time to figure out the math of creating spirograph on the computer by mapping the mechanism of the machine and come up with lines of formula.

Design Process