Through prophase investigation, we developed an LBS technology-based platform which allows animal lovers to calibrate and share the animals they see in city map, in order to sparkle people’s thinking of symbiosis idea. A series of visual cues will be set up after a certain animal has been marked on the same point on the city map for times, to orient citizens about the location and existence of animals in city.


Project Initiation

Prophase Investigation

Visual design

UI/UX Design

Motion Design

Tech & Tool

Sketch, AE, Framer, Coffee.js

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.12.27 PM.png

Find them, share them, and know about them.

Research & Structures

Conducting Interview & Establishing Audience


With the acceleration of urbanization, the dense population and tall buildings have become the symbol of the city. 

However, the city should not be possessed only by human beings, there are a lot of other cute creatures living together with us.

Design Objectives

Mobile application for animal’s finding and calibration in Chinese megacity

For Social
For Social
For Animals
For Animals
For Megacity
For Megacity

Social Lovers

Animal Lovers

Citizen in Super Cities


​User Journey For Tasks

Structures and Test

Information Architecture

Low-fidelity Prototype and Test




We iterated our wireframe design by conducting informal usability testing with a paper prototype. Our participants provided many feedbacks on error-prevention methods, accessibility, and UI system.

Initial UI & Wireframe




If, after the same animal is marked many times in the same place on ALIVER!, then the team of experts will go there to validate and identify its species as well as other details. After this, a special sign will be set up at the place it’s been marked. 


People can scan the QR code on the sign to get details of this animal in ALIVER! .

Micro Interaction




The interactive prototype was built in Framer and Sketch. 

More Screens